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April 2020

Owain Rhys James appears in Welsh-medium judicial review - Owain Rhys James yn ymddangos ger bron yr Uchel Lys drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

R (ar gais AA, BB, CC, ac DD) v Cyngor Gwynedd ag eraill

R (on the application of AA, BB, CC, ac DD) v Gwynedd Council and Ors


Rachel Anthony writes on Covid-19 and Residential Tenancies in Wales

Practice Direction 51Z came into effect on 27.3.20, with the effect that all proceedings brought under CPR 55, together with proceedings seeking to enforce possession by a warrant or a writ of possession, are automatically stayed for a period of 90 days, from 27 March 2020. The Practice Direction ceases to have effect on 30.10.2020. That, coupled with Schedule 29 Coronavirus Act 2020, may mean a quieter few months for Housing Practitioners.