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Owain Rhys James appointed to Welsh Government panel

Owain Rhys James has been appointed to the Welsh Government's panel of approved Counsel. He will represent the Welsh Government and its associated bodies.

Candidates had to satisfy a number of criteria, including experience of advocacy in the higher courts, experience in constitutional and administrative law, knowledge of the devolution settlement in Wales and of divergences between the law in England and in Wales, experience of working for or against the government or other public bodies and an appreciation of the particular characteristics of government litigation.

Appointments will be for a period of four years initially, but with the possibility of extension at the Counsel General’s discretion.

He joins Anthony Vines, Richard Cole, Mona Bayoumi, Victoria Hillier and Nicholas David Jones who remain members of the panel following their appointment in 2012.

For more information about the appointment or to instruct Owain, please contact his clerk by e-mail or on 0845 0713 007.