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9 Members appointed to the All Wales Legal Services panel

Civitas Law is delighted to announce that 9 of its members have been appointed to the All Wales National Procurement Service for Wales (NPS) Legal Services panel across 19 practice areas. Members will offer their advisory and advocacy services to Local Authorities across Wales, with some members doing so bilingually.

Details of the appointments are set out below. The members appointed were: Anthony Vines; Christopher Howells; Kate Parker; Matthew Paul; Mona Bayoumi; Owain Rhys James; Richard Cole; Tara Ahari; and Victoria Hillier

The appointments add to Civitas Law’s presence on the Government Legal Department’s regional and national panels, and those of the Welsh Government.

Chair of the Management Board, Richard Cole, said: “The Management Board is delighted to see more than half of Chambers’ members appointed to the All Wales Legal Services By Barristers Panel.

Chambers has always had a strong tradition of representing National, Welsh and Local Government departments, as well as other public sector organisations.  These appointments confirm the continuation of that tradition.  It also reveals the strength in depth Chambers has to offer in this area, given the range of seniority of barristers appointed.”

For more information on members’ panel membership or to instruct any of our members, do not hesitate to contact our clerks.



Panel Appointments

  1. Administrative, Constitutional, Parliamentary & Local Govt. (inc. Welsh Legislation) – Matthew Paul, Mona Bayoumi, Owain Rhys James, Richard Cole, Victoria Hillier
  2. Chancery, including Trusts & Charities – Kate Parker, Owain Rhys James
  3. Civil Litigation – Company / Commercial – Anthony Vines, Kate Parker, Owain Rhys James, Tara Ahari
  4. Civil Litigation – Other - Anthony Vines, Kate Parker, Mona Bayoumi, Owain Rhys James, Richard Cole, Tara Ahari, Victoria Hillier
  5. Coronial / Inquests  - Anthony Vines, Kate Parker, Matthew Paul, Mona Bayoumi, Richard Cole, Victoria Hillier
  6. Education - Richard Cole
  7. Criminal Advice / Representation / Advocacy (inc. Parallel Family proceedings, Proceeds of Crime, Money Laundering & RIPA)  - Anthony Vines, Matthew Paul
  8. Data Protection / Freedom of Information – Matthew Paul, Owain Rhys James
  9. Employment  - Anthony Vines, Chris Howells, Kate Parker. Mona Bayoumi, Owain Rhys James, Richard Cole, Tara Ahari
  10. Environmental & Planning – Anthony Vines, Matthew Paul
  11. Professional Regulatory  - Anthony Vines, Owain Rhys James, Matthew Paul, Richard Cole, Tara Ahari
  12. Immigration  – Kate Parker, Mona Bayoumi, Owain Rhys James, Tara Ahari
  13. Insolvency –Owain Rhys James, Richard Cole
  14. Licensing  – Matthew Paul, Richard Cole, Victoria Hillier
  15. Mental Health - Tara Ahari
  16. Property – Residential inc. L&T  - Kate Parker, Owain Rhys James, Tara Ahari, Victoria Hillier
  17. Property – Commercial inc. L&T – Kate Parker, Tara Ahari
  18. Public Liability – Mona Bayoumi, Richard Cole, Tara Ahari
  19. Public Order (inc. Domestic Abuse) – Richard Cole